Why Travel with La Dolce Vita?

La Dolce Vita Wine Tours is the leading specialist in Italian wine tours. We believe the best way to enjoy and learn about wine is on location, close to the land and the people who produced it. Our Italian wine tours provide full immersion in Italy's wine culture, offering an enjoyable learning experience for wine enthusiasts of all types, from the casual imbiber to the serious connoisseur.

La dolce vita - the good life, Italian style. Good food, delectable wine, convivial company, life at a reasonable pace. Come join us for a taste of it!

What makes La Dolce Vita Wine Tours special?
  • Access, access, access. We offer private in-depth tastings at Italy's top estates. On every wine tour, we choose wineries that reveal a cross-section of the Italian wine world: traditionalists and modernists, family-run boutique wineries and historic estates. Most are open to visitors only by special appointment.
  • Personal dialogue with winemakers. Who better to talk about wine than the winemaker himself? That's who pours at many of our tastings--or the winemaker's family members. In addition to dialogue about wine, you'll enjoy anecdotes about their lives in the vineyard, their local culture, their estate's history. It's intimate, personal, and friendly--la dolce vita style.
  • Gourmet wine dinners. It goes without saying that good wine deserves good food. Our Italian wine tours emphasize food-and-wine pairings that bring out the best in each. And we showcase a region's cuisine through our choice of restaurants, ranging from elegant nouveau cuisine to mama's family-style cooking.
  • Charming accommodations: Countryside villas, historic palazzi in medieval wine towns, active wine estates: these are some of our hotels. Never a chain or anonymous modern structure.
  • Small groups and attentive service: With groups no larger than 14 people, and the company owners leading many of the wine tours, everyone enjoys the utmost attention and service.
  • You have our full attention: On most tours, one or both of the company owners is your guide. No one cares more than us about making sure you have top service and full satisfaction! So you're in good hands.

La Dolce Vita Wine Tours recognizes that wine lovers have different tastes. To accommodate a range of interests, we've designed several kinds of wine tours. Our epicurean wine tours delve into a region's wine and cuisine, with wine tastings supplemented by stops at artisan cheesemakers, olive oil producers, and other culinary and cultural points of interest. Our walking & wine tours are for the active traveler who wants to combine the pleasures of outdoor exercise with the chance to learn about wine. Our day trips in Tuscany and Piedmont are for busy travelers with only have a short time to spare for winery visits. And our custom tours are for couples and groups who would like a wine tour tailored to fit their interests and needs. These include custom bike tours, as well.

We hope to see you in Italy and share la dolce vita.


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